Medicaid Applications

The Medicaid application process, as regulated by both Federal and state laws, is burdensome, labor intensive, and confusing. Application requirements include extensive documentary evidence, such as detailed records of all financial accounts and transactions for the prior 60 months. We understand the complexity and stress of this process.  Our law firm can assist clients in obtaining all necessary documentation from financial institutions, CPAs, financial planners, insurance providers, health care professionals, and other representatives. Additionally, we help in obtaining documentation from the Registrar of Vital Statistics and other relevant agencies. As subject matter experts, we have identified an efficient process to help prepare the Medicaid application. This effort includes: analyzing the supporting records; mitigating any potential issues; creating Qualified Income Trusts (QIT) when needed; drafting legal memos or affidavits; and interfacing with Medicaid throughout the process on the client’s behalf until a determination is made.